MORE Audio Reviews from Eileen

I told you that I had to catch up Eileen and her audio reviews! Here are a couple more that I missed sharing with you.

The Renegade's Heart audiobookEileen reviewed my medieval romance, The Renegade’s Heart, in audio, narrated by Saskia Maarleveld. Here’s part of what she had to say:

“I’m delighted to continue the story of the Lammergeier sisters.  Saskia Maarleveld does such a great job telling the story, touching the very essence of each character’s spirit. I’m amazed with her range of voice portraying males, children and females. I never tire of listening to her….

Ms. Delacroix provides a delightful, appealing, fantastical historical romance that continues to amuse, beguile and enchant.  She and the narrator will propel you into their medieval world and you will be ensnared as I am.  On that you can rely!”

You can read all of Eileen’s review on her blog, right here.

Have you listened to The Renegade’s Heart yet? Here’s a sample to tempt your ears!

The Renegade’s Heart in audio is available at Amazon, Audible and Apple.

The Rose Red Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixAnd Eileen also reviewed my medieval romance, The Rose Red Bride, also narrated by Saskia Maarleveld. Here’s part of what Eileen had to say:

“With eloquence, wry humor and gems of wisdom strewn at my feet this story unfolds in the velvety voice of narrator Saskia Maarleveld. The combination of voice and eloquent dialog was more than a listen. It was an experience!

I’m captivated with the story, this part of me which loves fae lore, fairy tales and an undying sense of honor where word means truth…If you are of the ‘tartan’ inclination, enjoy intrigue, bravery, sensitivity and passionate men and women of Scotland, you’ll have no problem enjoying both the read and the listen. “Of that you may be sure!”’

You can read the rest of Eileen’s review on her blog, right here:

Have you listened to the Jewels of Kinfairlie in audio yet? Here’s a sample from The Rose Red Bride.

The Rose Red Bride in audio is available at Amazon, Audible and Apple.

The Renegade’s Heart Audiobook

The Renegade's Heart audiobookThe audiobook of my medieval Scottish romance, The Renegade’s Heart by Claire Delacroix, went on sale yesterday! Once again, Saskia Maarleveld has done a wonderful job of narrating a story of the Kinfairlie siblings. You can listen to a sample on my Soundcloud page for the True Love Brides series, and get your copy at Amazon, Audible or Apple.

The Renegade’s Heart is the first book in my True Love Brides series. The rest of the series is also in audio production, being narrated by Saskia. Stay tuned for news about The Highalnder’s Curse, coming soon to audio!

August Audio 5

It’s STILL August and I’m still giving away audiobooks! You have one more chance to win! Even though we’re almost out of August, I’ll give away 7 codes next weekend for my brand new audiobook:

The Renegade's Heart audiobookYes, The Renegade’s Heart is now available for pre-order in audio and will go on sale September 1. All you have to do for your chance to win is comment on this post. If you do win, it would be great if you left a review at Audible.

You can see all of my books in audio and listen to samples on my Soundcloud page.

Good luck!

August Audio 3

It’s still August and I’m still giving away audiobooks. Remember that you can only win once, and also that you can listen to samples of all of my audiobooks on my Audio page, right here on the site. If you do win, from me or any of the other participating authors, it would be lovely if you posted a review of the audiobook in question at Audible or your portal of choice.

The Rose Red Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThis week’s audiobook prize is The Rose Red Bride, the second book in my Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval romances. All you have to do is comment on this post for your chance to win. I’ll pick winners next weekend. Good luck!

Good luck!

A Wonderful Audio Review

Actually, there are two wonderful audio reviews, one for The Snow White Bride and one for The Ballad of Rosamunde.

The Snow White Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixAbout The Snow White Bride, Kimba says: “I loved the mixing of humor, heat and conversation allowing their relationship to feel genuine. The last section had me biting my nails, crossing my fingers and even shedding tears. The Snow White Bride was delightful and loved spending time in the medieval halls of Kinfairlie.”

The Ballad of Rosamunde by Claire Delacroix, a short story and medieval romance in audioAbout The Ballad of Rosamunde, Kimba says: “This was a short listen but positively delightful and I enjoyed entering the world of the Fey. Saskia Maarleveld, once again impressed me and I found this story enchanting.”

What a wonderful way to end the week. Thanks, Kimba!

You can listen to audio samples from both books, right here on my site.

You can read them both right here.