Just A Small Town Romance

Just a Small Town Romance, book one of the Heroes of Harte's Harbor series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Aidan Hawke’s legendary good luck has bailed…
What other explanation can there be for his entire future being in the hands of Merry Sinclair? By-the-book Merry has always been the one person immune to his charm, but everything is riding on Aidan convincing her to him use her dad’s historic warehouse for his new craft brewery. Worse, now Merry’s a hotshot Boston lawyer—with legs that go on forever—and even less inclined to compromise than ever. She just wants to sell up and leave town forever. Unless Aidan can persuade her to give him a chance, Merry will probably dump his first batch of beer into the harbor—and maybe throw him with it—then sell the warehouse to someone else. Aidan will do anything to make it come together—even take Merry on as his partner…but when their partnership-of-opposites works like a charm, can he convince her to take a chance on Harte’s Harbor and him?

Meredith Sinclair is on the road to success…
Her hard work is finally paying off and she’s in the running to make partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston. At the worst possible moment, she has to return to Harte’s Harbor—the backwater she couldn’t wait to leave—to settle her father’s estate. It just figures that her dad made one of his handshake deals with Aidan Hawke, her polar opposite—and secret high school crush. That crooked smile still has a dangerous effect on her pulse. But Aidan, with his easy charm and boy-next-door good looks is the last person Meredith needs complicating her life. But when the offers for the warehouse fall through, Aidan’s suggestion of a temporary partnership makes more sense it should. It’ll just be business, for their mutual benefit—so long as Meredith doesn’t forget everything she’s learned about love and romance.

Coming July 2022 in ebook and trade paperback

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