New Dragonfire Family Trees at Kickstarter

Time for another weekly update on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Tick tock – it won’t be long until we launch! You can see the first of my special hard cover editions in last week’s blog post and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign in this earlier blog post. Here’s last week’s post about swag.

I’ve wanted for a long time to create a set of family trees for the Pyr that are prettier than the black-and-white ones you can download free from my site and print out yourself. This campaign is a great opportunity to do that. These will be printed on 6×9″ postcards and there will be a set of twelve of them. Here’s a peek at the art for one of them, which may still be revised a bit:

The Roman Line I Family tree for the Pyr in Deborah Cooke's Dragonfire series of paranormal romances

The layout of this one is similar to the one you can download, but it’s in colour. (I’ve rearranged some of the others.) The Pyr who have turned Slayer are in green, and those whose stories are told in the books are in pinky-mauve (like Marco, here) with the book cover displayed beside the couple. There’s more colour coding on different pages – the members of the original Council of Seven are colour-coded, for example, where they appear. The reverse side of each card will have the Dragonfire logo. I like these a lot and hope you do, too!

Kickstarter also encourages incremental goals to build momentum over the course of the campaign. These family tree postcards will be offered as a stretch goal. That means funding will have to reach a specified amount for me to go ahead and get these printed. If they’re funded, the set of postcards will be added to all of the tiers that include all four omnibus editions signed by me (those tiers get all the swag) and also to the Book Worm swag pack. The Book Worm swag pack includes all the shiny things and is ideal for those of you who already have all the books in the format you want, or who prefer digital books to print ones.

The campaign launches on December 27 and will run for several weeks.

Here’s the link to follow the campaign.