Kickstarter Editions Swag

Time for another weekly update on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Tick tock – it won’t be long until we launch!

One of the fun things about Kickstarter is that it allows (or even encourages) the creation of limited time offers, either with book editions like these omnibus hardcover editions of the Dragonfire Novels, or with swag. You can see the first of my special hard cover editions in last week’s blog post and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign in this earlier blog post.

There are Early Bird goals at Kickstarter, which are bonus offers for people who commit to a reward tier early. I have three Early Bird goals on this campaign.

First, the four tote bags that I showed you a few weeks ago are Early Bird rewards for the first four people who order the complete set of all four omnibus editions signed by me.

Dragonfire zippered tote bag offered as an early bird bonus in Deborah Cooke's Dragonfire omnibus editions campaign
Dragonfire zippered tote bag offered as an early bird bonus in Deborah Cooke's Dragonfire omnibus editions campaign

Secondly, there’s a dragon bookmark with beads and charms added to it. I haven’t created these yet, but you can see the base bookmarks below and the dragon charms I’ve already chosen for them. There are four purple ones and ten gold ones and they’ll have book charms on them, too. These are rewards for the first bookings of the highest tier, which includes all four omnibus editions and a signed copy of Here Be Dragons (and more).

Dragonfire bookmark parts, to be assembled by Deborah Cooke

There’s also an Early Bird bonus for the Book Worm swag pack – the first twenty sold include a dragon ball pendant and a Dragonfire book charm. There are lots of book charms here, all of which still need to be drilled and have their hardware added.

Dragonfire book charms and dragon ball gemstone necklaces

These are tough to photograph since everything is shiny and reflects the light. Here’s another picture of the gemstone dragon balls with a helpful assistant from my office. I only use black satin cords on them now, btw.

New dragon swag from Deborah Cooke

Here’s an older picture of the book charms, so you can see how big they are. They’re really cute!

Finished Book Charm by Deborah Cooke

I also have gemstone beaded bracelets with dragon charms, which will work their way into the campaign at some point. The pink and olive ones are dragon’s eye agate with black jaspar. The black ones are striped agate with quartzite.

Gemstone dragon bracelets made by Deborah Cooke

Of course, I have a few surprises planned, too. 🙂

The campaign launches on December 27 and will run for several weeks – and then all these goodies will be gone!

Here’s the link to follow the campaign.

6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Editions Swag

  1. Ooooh they all look lovely – can’t wait until I can place an order here in the United Kingdom. Gillian Hanhart


    • Thanks Gillian! I’ve set it up so you can order the books two ways – if they’re personalized, they’ll ship from US, CA, AU or UK, from the printer’s facilities, which saves some postage for everyone. I’ll be sending bookplates separately for those orders. If you want them signed by me, they have to ship from Canada, which is expensive. This way, people can choose. 🙂


      • Thanks – I will order via the United Kingdom printer. A while ago I got a set of the original series autographed by you shipped from Canada so I have those plus the “ordinary” unsigned ones. As soon as you let us know the orders can be placed I will go ahead


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