Radish Reading App

I’ve started to publish my books on a reading app called Radish. This is an interesting thing: books and stories are serialized, so that each episode is a short chapter. This is an idea that’s been around for a while, that of reading snippets of a story on your phone, maybe while standing in line or waiting for an appointment.

I’ve started with the Flatiron Five Tattoo series and will also post Dragonfire there this quarter, too. It takes a bit of work to set up each story in the format, but seeing people jump on it and start reading is fun.

You can learn more about Radish on their website, right here.

3 thoughts on “Radish Reading App

  1. Hi. This is an FYI for your latest release Just Home for the Holidays…inside is Just One Fake Date. I purchased and downloaded from Amazon, expecting Hunter and Chloe and got Shannyn😳.
    Don’t want to post it as a review since it’s just an electronic glitch. Signed up for Heroes newsletter, but that link has yet to arrive in my inbox. I’m somewhat frustrated…


    • Emilye – I sent you an email about your newsletter subscription, but just realized it will come from the same email address as the newsletter. If that’s going to spam, it will too. Please have a look in your spam or promotions folder. 🙂


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