With the publication of Just Home for the Holidays, I had some updates to do.

First of all, the free downloadable PDF book list that you can print out at home has been updated. You can download your copy here. From this point on, the name of the file will include the date it was updated, so you’ll know what version you have. I’ll tell you each time what the changes are, too. This time, I added Just Home for the Holidays and changed Just One Silver Fox to #8 in the Flatiron Five Fitness series. You could just print page two to update your list.

Next, the character list for Flatiron Five Fitness here on the site has been updated with the new characters who appeared in Just Home for the Holidays. I also updated the chronology for the series, and the reading order.

Home for the Holidays, a Christmas romance and number seven in the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Finally, I created a new free puzzle of the meme for Just Home for the Holidays. You can do it right here.