A Surprise Holiday Romance

As I was working on Just One Silver Fox, I realized that there had been a lot of events at Flatiron Five Fitness since Theo and Lyssa’s story, Just One Second Chance. That book ends in March 2019 while Jax and Pierce’s book begins in January 2020. There are babies – and we know that someone has to have fallen in love. I could have packed them all into Just One Silver Fox as backstory, but thought it would be a lot more interesting to write one of those romances.

What better than a Christmas romance – except one with love unexpected. And here it comes – Just Home for the Holidays is Hunter and Chloe’s story and it takes place in Manhattan at Christmas.

I’ll publish this book as soon as it’s ready to go. There won’t be a pre-order so keep your eyes open.

Just Home for the Holidays, a Christmas romance novella and #7 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Chloe Richardson is on track…
Running the finances at Flatiron Five Fitness West is a dream job and it’s steadily making her goal of financial independence come true. She lives to work, and likes her schedules just fine. Returning to New York for Christmas should be routine, but her mom starts matchmaking—and Chloe needs a plus-one fast. When Hunter volunteers, Chloe decides he’s the perfect choice—she’ll never get emotionally involved with a guy who refuses to make plans and she knows Hunter is all about variety. It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot, or that he kisses like he invented it—but when Chloe discovers that Hunter hates Christmas, she knows she has to fix that. When she realizes that she’s falling fast for the Hunter no one else sees, can she convince him to give them a chance?

Hunter Tate lives in the moment…
He’s learned the hard way that tomorrow might never come and is determined to make every day count. The problem is Christmas—he needs a major distraction to keep his memories at bay. A fake date to a fancy charity event with his hot co-worker, Chloe, is definitely out of the ordinary for him, but Hunter loves a challenge. What could be a better one than breaking every one of Chloe’s rules? It’s all fun until Chloe decides to help Hunter put the past behind him—she gets to him and demands more, but can Chloe’s love convince Hunter to commit to the future?

Coming in December 2020.