F5F Boxed Set Update

Earlier this year, I changed the covers, titles, and series name for Flatiron Five Fitness (it used to be Flatiron Five) and for Flatiron Five Tattoo (which used to be Secret Heart Ink.) I also wrote and published a new series starter. I like the new covers and titles much better, and the sell-through on the series (what percentage of people continue to buy books after the series starter) is much improved, which was the point of the exercise.

The Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke
New Covers for the Flatiron Five Fitness series

In June, we talked about the Flatiron Five: The First Collection boxed set, which had been published last year with the original three books and is no longer available. (That blog post is here, in case you don’t remember it.) My plan in June was to update the content, cover, title and series information for that bundle sometime around the publication date of Just One Silver Fox. The idea was that any of you who had bought the bundle would be able to download the new version as an update.

As of last week, though, Amazon is no longer allowing certain metadata fields to be changed after publication, including the title, author and series name. This is new. It’s a policy change. This means that if/when I publish a boxed set of the first three books in the Flatiron Five Fitness series, that bundle will be a new product: the reviews won’t transfer to the new bundle and anyone who bought the first bundle won’t be able to download the new one as an update. You’ll have to buy it as a new product, which defeats the point of updating that bundle.

At this point, only Amazon has this rule, but it wouldn’t surprise me if other portals followed suit.

So, this is an update on the update. As a result of this policy change, I’m not planning to do any boxed sets for this series right now.