Last Chance for Dragonfire in KU

The Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke in print editionsThe Dragonfire Novels have been enrolled in KDP Select this summer, which means that you can read them free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Their term ends this weekend, which makes this week your last chance to read them in KU. Next week, the entire series will be in wide distribution again – enrolling the books in KDP Select means they have to be available exclusively at Amazon. This weekend, I’ll republish them at the other portals again.

Here’s the series page at

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Last Chance for Dragonfire in KU

  1. Hello Deborah!

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your books, I love them! And thank you for this reminder
    Email. I hadn’t read your Dragonfire books but as I love your Flatiron Five books especially, and
    I like dragons, and as I am new to KU due to retirement, thought I’ll give these books a try. OMG
    I just read the Kiss of Fire in one afternoon and LOVED it!!’ You have such a way with words
    and world building and great dialog! Finding your Dragonfire books is like Christmas and
    my birthday wrapped up in one terrific gift!!

    Thank you again!!! I will make an effort to leave reviews on each book on Amazon as I go and will
    also recommend in the FB reader groups I’m in.

    Woo hoo! I’m off to begin Kiss of Fury.

    Anne 😍


    • Thank you, Anne! Your message is a wonderful way to start my day!

      Dragonfire and the Prometheus Project finish their run in KU on Saturday, so you’ll need to read quickly to get through them all in time. Thanks also for your plan to leave reviews. Goodreads is another place to leave reviews, as is BookBub.

      Welcome to Dragonfire! I hope you enjoy the series.


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