Simply Irresistible Goes Free!

Simply Irresistible is going free!

Book #1 of the Flatiron Five series is free at iBooks, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay and in my online store. Amazon has currently matched the free price in the US and CA stores, and I’m hoping they match it everywhere soon. If it’s not free in your market, you can get the book from my store with delivery by BookFunnel.

Simply Irresistible, a contemporary romance by Deborah Cooke and first in the Flatiron Five series.Tyler McKay has had enough…
Going to his fourth sister’s wedding without a date will only encourage his female relations to “help” him find romance. Ty’s ready to wait for Ms. Right and is busy enough as the finance guy for F5. When he learns that the cute woman who works in his building is in the same predicament, he’s sure that fake dates are the perfect solution. She agrees, but Ty soon realizes that there’s far more to Amy than meets the eye. When she enrolls in a bondage class at F5, he finds himself taking a disguise as dangerous Matteo to keep her safe. How far will he go to win the heart of a woman he finds…simply irresistible?

Amy Thornton can’t get enough…
Amy can’t resist another romance about a hot hero and the woman who steals his heart away with naughty games. When she decides to write her own book, she knows she needs to do research. Her fake date, Tyler, is gorgeous but too nice to play naughty games—unlike Matteo, Amy’s mysterious personal instructor at F5, who plays them so well. When Amy has to choose, will she pick the nice guy or the promise of the forbidden pleasures she finds…simply irresistible?

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