20 Days of Walking

Since 2011, I’ve been spending a lot more time at my desk, getting this indie publishing thing squared away. It’s been a lot of work, plus details kept changing so the work had to be updated and done again. (And again and again and again. Gah!) I’ve also been writing new stories at the same time and publishing them myself. Right now, there are over 80 books on my dashboard at any given portal. That’s a lot of content and a lot or work. Moving to indie meant not just long days at my desk but every single day at my desk, which meant I was feeling a lot less healthy.

I tried a number of different things over the past year, none of which seemed to stick. But on August 6, I decided to walk. I’ve always liked walking and I’ve always – at least until 2011 – walked a lot. I used to walk with my dog, but she’s getting older and doesn’t always want to walk a second time each day. (She goes for a run with Mr. Math every day.) Also, she tends to dawdle on her second walk, so I decided to walk by myself. I picked a route and walked it. My phone says it’s 4.5 km, or about 5600 steps. My phone also says that it takes me between 42 and 44 minutes. That’s not even an hour. I figure I can invest an hour a day in my own well-being.

Beginning August 6, I walked that route every single day, rain or shine, for two weeks. (It was actually quite nice in the rain.) I changed the time around a bit, experimenting with what worked best for me. The next two weeks were very hot and sticky, so I only walked it six times in those 14 days. I also had my annual canning to complete during those two weeks, plus I did a lot of weeding and mulching in the garden. I was still active, just not walking every day. So, I walked my route 20 times in 28 days, which isn’t bad for a new habit. I’ll try to improve on that in the next 30 days, and do my walk every single day.

And what’s the result? I have lost a couple of pounds over the past month, which isn’t epic but is better than gaining a few. 🙂 I haven’t changed my eating habits, so didn’t expect otherwise. (I might be eating a bit more – ha! – because walking makes me hungry.) The more important thing is that I feel better. I’m sleeping better. I feel less stressed and more organized.

And the most exciting thing is that walking for 45 minutes daily is a marvelous way to unravel plot tangles. I feel joyous about writing again, and I feel creative. This next year is going to be very exciting for new stories – and maybe I’ll even lose a few more pounds.

Have you started any new habits lately and stuck with them?


4 thoughts on “20 Days of Walking

  1. Great job! I have started back walking again to get my steps in. My weight keeps going up and down! I’ll get there.

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  2. Woot Woot kudos to you Deb. I walk every day with my doggie about 2 miles about 4ooo steps not to lose weight but just to get my nose out of my laptop. I’m almost 65 so I need a low impact workout and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Keep up the good work! xo


  3. I’m glad you are finding walking to be helpful in your job. I use my exercise time to unwind and focus on me. So I love it. I also use it to connect to friends old and new. Walking/running/fitness groups abound on the book of faces. I find this a great community to keep me motivated and not get down on myself. Awesome job setting SMART goals, that is the key to keeping on track.


  4. I love walking and have done a lot of it since I was a teenager. walking clears my head and I can work out plot problems more easily. I have to say that I have not walked all summer because of the heat. I really missed not walking–it’s like I need it to survive, lol. Now that the temps are cooler, I will be getting back to walking and can’t wait. The crisp fall air, the scuff of leaves under my feet and the smell of campfires telling me that fall is here.


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