Pre-Order One Hot Summer Night

One Hot Summer Night, #3 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeLexi and Gabe’s book, One Hot Summer Night, is coming September 25 and available for pre-order!

Lexi is haunted by her past…
Lexi can’t seem to move beyond her aching sense of loss after giving up a child for adoption and feels as if her life just stopped ten years ago. She knows that taking Gabe home only makes her feel good for one night, but the more often she does it, the more addictive his touch becomes. Lexi is surprised when Gabe challenges her to face her fears, but honesty is important to him and she shares the story. But as Lexi embarks on a new life with Gabe’s encouragement, she realizes she’s become too reliant on a man who only wants to be her lover, and that Gabe has taught her to want more than he can give.

Gabe wants Lexi in his future…
Eleven years ago, Gabe found the woman of his dreams and spent a perfect night with her – only to wake up alone. He searched for her for years, only to have Lexi walk into his life, the sister of his new partner. He can’t decide if not knowing her location was worse than realizing she doesn’t recognize or remember him, but Gabe is a man who trusts his instincts. He knows that he and Lexi belong together, just as he’s aware that he has to help her heal from a secret wound. He hasn’t dared to hope that Lexi will ever want more than their passionate nights together – when she decides to leave him, Gabe knows that the truth will either be the foundation of their future together or the fact that he kept it secret from her will drive them apart forever.

This is Lexi and Gabriel’s story and a second-chance-at-love romance. You must have guessed that these two had a past together. It just takes one hot night to bring the past to the present all over again.

This story takes place after Some Guys Have All the Luck, and will be available September 25.

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