Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada—we celebrate a little earlier than our neighbours to the south, where it’s Columbus Day. It seems to me that Americans are very firm about which day they should celebrate Thanksgiving (i.e. on the Thursday that is Thanksgiving Day) while most Canadians I know are pretty flexible about the date. Usually, we do the turkey on the Saturday or the Sunday of this weekend, not the Monday. This year, because I’ve been at the Novelists’ Ink conference and got home late last night, we’re going to have our Thanksgiving dinner next weekend.

I am, however, feeling quite grateful today. At the conference, I saw a lot of friends, made some new ones, learned a great deal and had a wonderful time. I had lunch with some readers from the area, too, which was wonderful – and made me grateful for all of you who read my books. I stayed offline for the week that I was away, and that had exactly the result I’d hoped for—I have a lot of new ideas and stories to be told. I picked up a LOT of seashells and walked at least once a day on St. Pete’s beach (which is beautiful).

I understand a little bit better why those who live in hurricane areas are pretty relaxed about hurricanes—Nate sailed up the Gulf of Mexico, not all that far from us, and we had a little wind, some clouds, and the tide came in higher. I learned that it was called a “king tide”  because there was a full moon and a tropical storm within proximity, pushing more water into the shore. I thought there would be no shells on Sunday morning, because the surf had been crashing so hard, but I was very wrong. I had an awesome shelling morning and brought home far more than usual. (Mr. Math said “of course, you did.” :-)) I’ll sort them out and share a few pix later in the week.

And of course, coming home made me feel grateful, too. (There’s nothing like coming home, is there?) I have a big list of things to do, am both relaxed and inspired, and ready to dive in. If you’re expecting a reply from me on something (anything) I’ll be going through all my correspondence this week and will get to your message. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, do you do it on the actual date or are you (and your family) more flexible?

So, tell me today. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, do you do it on the actual date or are you (and your family) more flexible? What are you grateful for in your life?


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you too. Even though I am American we do celebrate on our schedule day because that’s when we all can get off work to get together. So besides that it doesn’t mater what day I would celebrate. To me it’s not the actual date. Just want the family to have a good time when we can all be together. I believe most Americans probably feel the same way about that. But anyways I’m most thankful for family through the good and bad we stick together. Don’t know what I would do without them. Especially my husband..😉


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, normally we have our thanksgiving dinner at our house on Sundays, but this year we went to my sister-in-laws “new” house for dinner and today I am cooking my own turkey.  I am very thankful for my family and friends, we had a beautiful Sunday service at our church, our Minister had us in tears it was so moving and spiritual.  We had a scare at our home last night, when we got home from our dinner there were two RCMP cars just in front of our house (  we live off the highway in a rural area)  He told us we could not go home, but we have two dogs and he said that we could go in and let the dogs out, but to come right back again so we had to go to a friends house in town for a couple of hours.  He said we could come back after a couple of hours and if there were no RCMP’s there then we could go home, but if there were they would instruct us what to do.  They were standing there with assault rifles in their hands, so we left.  When we came back two hours later, there was an RCMP car at the end of our road, going in to our house.  He told us we could go home, we found out later that there had been a domestic dispute and the husband had left with a weapon and the wife had called the police and when he found out she had called the police he shot himself.  So very sad, and on Thanksgiving . his family and wife … I just can’t imagine how they must be feeling right now…

    Take care and God bless. Judie


  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t do much celebrating unless I go to my sister’s, since our parents are gone, but when we do (or did when mom and dad were alive), we were flexible. We often celebrated on Sunday, or whatever day everyone had off work, because some of us worked on holidays.


  4. Being a single gal I celebrate whenever I’m invited to. Sometimes I get three Thanksgivings in one weekend and I am VERY VERY grateful to the friends and family I have who always think of me during the holidays and who are always there for me.


  5. I’m south and usually it was November but I would be able to celebrate both…nope…wouldn’t bother me a bit. lol Really, I think my family should have started to go with the earlier one. My mom’s dad passed away on my dad’s birthday, years ago, which is on November 24th and with the randomness of the date every year, it just always feels odd. But, since my mom passed away a few years ago, my dad only gets us together to do Christmas now. My son is usually stuck working anyways…blasted walmart! I am grateful for my family…some more than others…but isn’t that how most families are?! I wouldn’t be who I am today without them!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday!




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