More Fun with Book Charms

I posted a while ago about the book charms that I’m making for Romancing the Capital in August. They’re so cute that once I had a bunch of them, I made some door prizes for my events.

One of the things I’ve done with them is make key fobs for entire book series. Here’s the Dragons of Incendium one, beside a mini-book of Wyvern’s Mate.

Dragons of Incendium series key fob made by Deborah Cooke

Here’s another one, for the Prometheus Project series of urban fantasy romances with fallen angel heroes. (I was pretty excited to find the feather charms!)

Prometheus Project key fob made by Deborah Cooke

Finally, since I have dragon charms, I had to make some earrings.

dragpn earrings made by Deborah Cooke

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “More Fun with Book Charms

  1. Love them! Love the idea of having multiples books on one and beads added. Love the new dragon earrings, especially the ones on the right. I wear the silver dragons all the time.


  2. Love the dragon earrings – I would wear them all the time. I’ve recently started collecting dragon figurines ( the more colorful the better). Love your series!


  3. I love them all, particularly the key fobs! I can’t usually wear anything but real gold in my ears, so that probably colours my view. Great job on everything!


  4. Wow! I love the book charms! I have a collection of book charms I wear on a bracelet and it has space for new ones. It is always a conversation starter when people see it and I spread the word about the best books I have read and the authors to go with them. Truly love them all!


  5. I think these are gorgeous. Would you mind terribly if I tried to copy one of them to make for myself? Not likely to get one otherwise as I am in Australia. LOL


    • Hi Jenny – Glad you like them! I put up the tutorial so people could make their own. I was thinking of authors making them of their own books, but I guess you could make them of books you like. You wouldn’t be able to sell them, since you won’t have the right to reproduce the cover and market it, but you could make several for your own use.


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