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So many of you liked the pictures of my garden that I thought I’d share some more. My garden is mostly perennials, which means it changes all the time. Each plant blooms only for a week or two each year. I like having the plants come back each year and also to see the garden change, week by week, as the season progresses.

This week, we’re on to the daisies. The painted daisies (Gaillardia) are doing really well this year, and I always have a lot of Shasta daisies. (They make more.)

Gaillardia daisy in Deborah Cooke's garden

shasta daisy in Deborah Cooke's garden

Then we have the lilies starting. I call these orange daylilies “ditch lilies” because they grow everywhere in ditches. They might actually be called tiger lilies. I have to evict a ton of these this year, so if you live locally, please let me know if you want some. They’re vigorous and pretty, but have spread beyond their zone. They are vigorous, to say the least, but very pretty.

ditch lilies in Deborah Cooke's garden

And there are other daylilies, too.

These last ones are Stella D’Oro daylilies which are smaller and repeat-bloom.
stelladoroI have some red and deeper orange daylilies, but it seems that the ditch lilies and the yellow ones come first.

There’s a late rose. This one is a Kazanlik rose. Evidently they’re grown to make attar of roses in eastern Europe. They have a lot of thorns but smell divine. The flowers look crumpled but they have a lovely colour.
Kaxanlik rose in Deborah Cooke's garden

It’s also getting hot, which means that the stonecrop is coming on. The pink one is called Dragon’s Blood stonecrop, which you know will work for me.



The milkweed is in bloom, too. This flower has the most amazing sweet scent!

The clematis are out, as are the pinks. In the first shot, you can see our beautiful tri-color beech in the background.




And finally, one of my faves, the lady’s mantle is in bloom. It had the prettiest chartreuse flowers.

Lady's mantle in Deborah Cooke's garden

What’s blooming in your garden right now?

3 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Since I live in the desert, we don’t have as many flowers. Our main show was about a month ago. Our rose bushes put on a good as did the desert willow trees (beautiful purple flowers ). Right now the bees are happy that the bird of paradise are blooming. And the bunnies are feasting on the downed blossoms of the desert willows. The red yucca bloomed early as did the ocotillo. The star in few more weeks will be the century plant. Then we wait another year for it to start over.


  2. Your garden is AMAZING!!! I wish I could take care of flowers that well, but alas, I have a black thumb.


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