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As most of you know—or at least I hope you do!—I publish a monthly newsletter. It includes announcements of new and upcoming releases, cover reveals, as well as sales, promotions and booksignings. It has free content for subscribers in some issues, and contests or giveaways for subscribers in others.

I’ve been using one newsletter service for a few years now, ever since I stopped using YahooGroups for my newsletter. I like the portal. The newsletters are pretty and easy to design. The company offers good customer support. I’ve been thinking that they’re a bit expensive compared to other service providers, and as my subscriber list is easing toward another threshold (and price increase) hmm, I decided it’s time for a change.

So, I’m now in the midst of migrating my newsletter to another service. This is more of an issue for me than for you – in fact, it should be pretty much invisible to you. Subscribers will still get a newsletter every month, and it will probably look pretty similar. It’ll have the same combination of news. It’ll have a different footer, because the service puts its logo there, but that’s not a big deal. The newsletter will still come from my email

The thing that you might notice is that the sign-up forms have changed. In fact, I’ll have sign-ups from both service providers for a while yet, as part of the transition, and also because they offer different features. I really like the pop-up here on the website from my current newsletter service, so I’m keeping it. The links on the Newsletter tab on the menu bar, though, go to the new service. Plus there are the old sign-up forms in the backs of my digital books. Until all of the endmatter is updated and the new versions published, those links will keep working. Each month, I’ll just migrate any new subscribers on the old list to the new one, so everyone will get the newsletter.

The main difference for subscribers is that I’m going to eliminate the Choose Your News feature of my newsletter. This has nothing to do with the two services and their functionality. It just seems like a good time to review what’s working and what isn’t. I thought there might be some of you who only read one part of my work, and that those readers might only want to hear about new releases etc. in that sub-genre. Well, maybe that’s not true, or maybe you just all like to know everything! Only about 2% of subscribers opted to receive a sub-set of my news every month, so we’ll return to everyone getting all the news. 🙂

The new sign-up is here, in case you haven’t subscribed to my monthly newsletter yet.

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