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iBooksGalore The Crusader's Bride

Today is the launch of #iBooksGalore!

I’m cross-promoting my iBooks titles with a group of other indie authors this month. This is similar to the audiobook promotions we’ve done in the past—there are a lot of authors participating and each will manage his or her own contests. Each of us will give away an ebook a day at iBooks for the month of June. Each of us will be using the hashtag #iBooksGalore so you can find more chances to win.

I’m going to organize mine in groups. I’ll give away five different titles, six copies of each. This is the first giveaway. Comment on the post for your chance to win and in six days (on the 7th of June), I’ll choose six winners for this contest and post the next one.

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixFirst up for me are six copies of The Crusader’s Bride. Just comment on this post for your chance to win a copy of Gaston and Ysmaine’s story, to be downloaded from iBooks.

The Crusader’s Bride is the first book in my medieval romance series set during the Crusades. A group of knights are entrusted with a treasure to deliver from Jerusalem to Paris, and find danger, adventure and love along the way.

Check back on Tuesday the 7th to see the winners, and enter next contest.

Good luck, everyone!

14 thoughts on “#iBooksGalore 1

  1. This series sounds intriguing, an aspect of historical romances n I t often covered. Thank you for offering this giveaway!


    • I love historical romance and I have read several of your books. All have been so good with great characters. Some characters have needed a come uppance and they finally got one. The historical details please me a whole lot. It makes my day to read these books. I know that I would enjoy the book that you are going to give away. Thanks to you and the other authors for doing this book give away!
      Olivia Tuttle


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    • Hi Annie – You could ask your library about the book. All of my books are available to libraries in digital format through Overdrive, and in print from Ingrams. They might not realize they can stock them!


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