This past weekend, I was at a reader conference in Ottawa (RTC2016) which was a lot of fun. At the same time, though, the news was filled with pictures of the fires in Fort MacMurray and the people who have lost everything. I’m glad that so many are safe, including their pets, but can’t imagine what it would be like to lose my home and everything in it.

I’d miss my books the most. Plus, when I’m facing uncertainty, what I want most is a book. So, to help all the book lovers who have lost their libraries to get reading again, I’m working with other authors to send books west. This morning, there’s a new Facebook page called Books4FtMac where I’ll post more information as it becomes available. Author Sasha White was at RTC, too, and lives in Alberta – she’s going to find us places in Alberta that will accept and distribute the books.

In the meantime, have a look through your shelves and please pack a box of new or gently used novels, any genre.

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    • Hi Caryn – That’s what we’re thinking: any genre, just new or gently used books. Sasha White, who lives in Alberta, has been trying to hunt down information for us this morning. Right now, the focus is on more immediate necessities of life (which makes sense) and many relief agencies are overwhelmed with physical donations – the suggestion is to donate to the Red Cross fund that the federal government is going to match.

      Sasha and I are thinking that in a couple of weeks thoughts will turn to rebuilding, including libraries and homes, and then books will be welcome. So hold on to your boxes of books for the moment.

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