The Crusader’s Handfast: Part Four

The next episode of Duncan and Radegunde’s story is available today!

The Crusader's Handfast: Part Four by Claire Delacroix

The Crusader’s Handfast: Part Four

In this episode, Gaston plans to identify the villain who threatens his survival, using the tool provided by his mother and enlisting the secret assistance of both Duncan and Radegunde. The company arrives at Châmont-sur-Maine with much pageantry, where Millard de St.-Roux surrenders both the seal and signet ring to Gaston. Duncan knows the victory is not complete—but it is Radegunde who spies the peril when the villain’s trap is sprung. Can Duncan warn Gaston in time?

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  1. Will “The Crusader’s Handfast” all parts ever be in print? If so when? I am an old fashioned kind of girl and like the feel of a book in my hand when dreaming about my knights in shining armor.


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