An Experiment

I’m trying something new today, after thinking about the questions raised by that workshop I attended on SEO. Today, I’ve installed a static front page on here on my site. Now, when you come to this url, you’ll see the News page, which lists my new releases. I’ll update it every month.

I used to do this on my old site, which didn’t have the blog incorporated into it. Not sure why I never thought to do it here. Maybe there were just too many things to pull together. At any rate, in the interest of simplicity, there are only covers on that page. Each one is linked to the detail page about that release.

If you’d like to see the blog posts, select Blog from the menu bar. I’ve made it the last item so it will be easy to find. I’ll still be blogging Monday to Friday each week. I *think* that following the blog will still work the same way, but we’ll find out.

Much of the information on the News page is also in my monthly newsletter – except, of course, that the newsletter gives you advance notice of any sales or promotions, PLUS this month, there will be a sale especially for newsletter subscribers. Have you subscribed yet? 🙂

Let me know what you think of this change!