Review and Feature at The Reading Frenzy

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixDebbie Haupt has reviewed The Crusader’s Bride, and posted a feature on her blog, The Reading Frenzy.

Here’s what she has to say about Gaston and Ysmaine’s book:
“Delacroix is back, better than ever with an all-new historical romance series featuring Templar Knights who find true love. Set in the late 12th century her story comes alive thanks to her expressive narrative including some real history mixed with her fantastic fiction. Her backdrops are breathtaking and dangerous as her troupe travels from the Middle East to Europe. Her couple, Ysmaine and Gaston are honorable, believable and both refreshingly innocent. Heading her chapters on genuine Church feast days and her accurate accounting of the historical facts give it that extra dose of authenticity. I can’t wait to see where she takes me on her next Templar tale.

Woo-HOO! Thanks Deb!
You can check out the whole feature, right here.

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