Summer Writing 5

I’m past the halfway mark on this seven week sprint and have written almost 50,000 new words on my various works-in-progress. (It’s actually 48,000 words.) I wrote 12,000 words on Project 2 (The Crusader’s Heart) this past week, because Wulfe and Christina wrestled me for every one of them.

The Crusader's Heart by Claire Delacroix, a medieval romance and #2 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series.This is a typical working pattern for me: a project starts with a burst of enthusiasm and word count. Then it stalls because I need to do more research. After that, progress is slow because I need to deepen the characterizations, which means figuring out their pasts and getting them to talk to me, and then to each other. Once all of that is resolved, things usually fly to the conclusion, picking up speed as I go. Now that Wulfe and Christina are talking to me and each other, and I know more about Venetian courtesans, and I know their respective histories, my list of what comes next keeps getting longer. Christina woke me up last night to confide a very interesting detail in me. I’m excited by the repercussions of this and how it will reshape the story. This flurry of ideas and energy is characteristic of the phase of writing the book which will carry me through to the end. I expect this to be a very productive week.

50K in four weeks in the summer is also an excellent accomplishment. I’m pleased about that. Those of you who are joining me in this writing challenge, how was your progress this week?

And now, onward!