Summer Writing 4

I had a pretty awesome week, although it doesn’t show up in the word count. Only 10,000 new words, but I was researching. I LOVE this part of the process of writing a book and totally dug in this past week. It’s a predictable development and happened right on time – after the first flush of starting a book, I need to research and do character studies, figure out back stories and deepen everything. I had a wonderful time doing this. There’s nothing that makes me happier than spreading out the research books and maps, the calendars and the timelines, and working out the chronology, characterization and details. My office is a wreck, but I’m happy.

Some other stuff happened, too. The best thing was that I had one of those fabulous NY conversations this week, the kind I mentioned in my blog post about things I missed from traditional publishing. It might come to naught or might mean wonderful new opportunities come to fruition. I don’t really care. That hour-long chat was marvelous and electrifying. 🙂

And, as a complete bonus, since I need to do something when I think things through, I weeded thistles from my garden this past week. We have a bumper crop of them this year, but there are now far fewer in the perennial beds than a week ago. There are still more, so I’ll be doing battle this week, too. I’ve mulched things in after the big weeding and the garden looks great.

I hope that you had a good week, as well!