Shiny New Books

I received some more books from LightningSource today, and am very happy with the results.

We compared the POD print editions of The True Love Brides books from Createspace and LightningSource a while back, right here. Now, I’ve received copies of the last three Dragonfire books:

DFN_LSThey’re hard to photograph because the covers are glossy (the TLB covers are matte) but which is which? It’s impossible to tell – except for two things. The prices are on the back on the LightningSource editions AND (following the advice of other authors) I used the cream paper inside on these LightningSource books. That makes them the same thickness as the Createspace ones.

I also received this book from LS today:
The Crusader's Bride by Claire DelacroixThe Crusader’s Bride, book #1 in my new medieval romance series! I went with the glossy covers on this series at both suppliers because I think the matte finish makes the covers a bit darker. I still hadn’t seen the cream interior paper, so this one has white paper. A lovely book. I’m very pleased.

And now, I’ll work on getting Chapters/Indigo website listings for all four of these books…

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