Winners of the Midsummer’s Dream

Giveaway2Last week, the Midsummer’s Dream contest ended, and winners were drawn. Although they’ve already been announced on Facebook, I wanted to share them here as well.

The ten 5th prize winners, who each received a $10 gift certificate to the ebook store of their choice, were:
CG Phillips
Desiree Boettcher
Rebecca Zoeller
Susan Benedict
Ashley Fasolo
Katrina Duerrwaech
Shelley Summers
Rose Foster
Margaret Garrison

The fourth prize winner, who has a LOT of audiobooks to listen to, was April Waldrop.

The third prize winner, who won an ebook from each participating author, was Darlene Holley.

The second prize winner, was Elisa D.

And the grand prize winner was Megan!

Congratulations to all of the winners, and many thanks to my fellow authors for participating in this promotion. It was just as much fun this year as last! Special thanks to Tanya Anne Crosby, who may be the most organized woman alive. 🙂

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