Happy Canada Day

As is fitting for a celebratory day, we’ve got company:
guestI’m happy to have found a toad in my garden. We had one for ages that stayed around a cedar bush that died last year. I’ve wondered where he went and how he was. Mr. Math says this one is older, so maybe it’s the same toad, just moved a little bit closer to the house. Either way, he’s very welcome to stay. I hope he eats all the earwigs! Actually, if he has a few friends, they’re welcome to stay too, and eat more bugs.

The New Girl hasn’t spotted him yet and I’m going to try to keep it that way. She’s very busy with the mice in the back garden, who dart from one bed to the other. She gets just a glimpse before they disappear. It’s all fun, because I don’t think she’d do more than sniff them even if she did get close enough to catch one. It certainly keeps her occupied, though.

Have a wonderful Canada Day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. Cute little toad! I had a pine marten living under my woodpile all winter. I hope he was catching mice! Have fun today! We will be eating pancakes, enjoying the parade; and later tonight, watching the fireworks. Happy Canada Day!


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