More Goodreads

Goodreads doesn’t have an elegant way for authors to link pseudonyms. If an author (like me) writes under multiple names, he or she must create multiple Goodreads accounts to claim those multiple names. They’ve said for years that they were working on changing this, so for years, I’ve only had my Claire Delacroix Goodreads account. I started with this one because I was republishing my backlist titles and wanted to upload the covers, link those editions, etc. etc.

Claire Delacroix is on Goodreads right here.

Well, I finally caved in – because the multiple-names feature clearly isn’t happening soon – and created a second identity for Deborah Cooke. This week, I dove into that and updated it all – phew! Deborah Cooke is on Goodreads right here.

The only issue is that I can’t have my blog feed to both author pages. It’s already linked to Claire’s Goodreads page, so Deborah has to do without.

Another job done!