An Elegy for Melusine

An Elegy for Melusine: A Medieval Fairy Tale by Claire DelacroixAn Elegy for Melusine is a novella I wrote a number of years ago, which retells the French medieval fairy tale featuring Melusine. I’ve loved this story since I first read it, even though it doesn’t end well. In fact, I always wanted to give Melusine her happily-ever-after. There was no point in writing my continuation of her story until all of you read the fairy tale in the first place. It’s better known to francophiles than anglophiles, but probably best known of all to medievalists.

The novella is available in the print anthology To Weave a Web of Magic, and also in my own collection of short stories, Beguiled. As of today, however, it’s available on its own in digital format.


That’s easy. Because the “Mel” you’ve met in the teaser for Hot Blooded, the first book in my upcoming DragonFate series, is in fact Melusine. Her HEA will be accomplished in that series, and I thought you might want to know her background. Think of it as a pre-quel to DragonFate.

Because Beguiled is available in print, An Elegy for Melusine will not be available in a print edition on its own.

You can buy An Elegy for Melusine directly from my online store for the next 90 days, or you can pre-order it at the usual portals for September 15, 2015 delivery. Your choice. 🙂

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