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Last weekend, I participated in the Sexy in the City booksigning in Toronto. Some of you were wishing you could be there, but couldn’t. Some of you really want one of my new tote bags. Some of you were disappointed to miss the show pricing on those trade paperbacks.

Promotional Tote Bag from Claire Delacroix and Deborah CookeSo, I’m having a sale in my online store, offering you those show specials. There are two different ones: the True Love Brides special includes paperback copies of all four medieval romances in that series, signed by me, and a tote bag. The Dragonfire special includes paperback copies of the last three books in the series, along with a tote bag.

The store doesn’t have a shipping calculator, so it charged a set fee per order. With so many books in each special, it’s likely to be short of the actual postage. I charge the actual postage (no handling fee) so may have to request an extra payment from you once your destination is known and your shipping can be calculated. I refund money when the shipping costs less than the automatic amount, but that’s not likely to happen this time.

You can order the True Love Brides Special right here, or the Dragonfire Special right here.

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