Harmonia’s Kiss

The rights to my Dragonfire digital-only short story, Harmonia’s Kiss, are reverting to me. This means that the buy links have disappeared from the various online portals. Because the rights are reverting to me, NAL doesn’t have the right to sell copies any longer.

I intend to include the story in Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion, because I know some of you like to have your Dragonfire stories in print and there aren’t many other options now that the series is completed.

My question to you is this: would you still expect or like a digital-only edition of the story? I would price it more competitively at 99 cents, because it is a short story. Before I commission a cover and all that jazz, I want to check with you.

Tell me what you think!

8 thoughts on “Harmonia’s Kiss

  1. PRINT, PRINT, PRINT, PLEASE!!! Hey Deb you make more out of me because I read a book until it falls apart then I replace it and read some more LOL !!! I don’t trust those e-readers a couple of kids I know were fit to be tied because all their books got deleted or crashed or what ever??? they lost them.. but my books sit there waiting for me to enjoy, and the kids come to me to borrow so they can read something LOL…put anything you write in print and I’m there love those stories can’t wait for more MORE !!


    • Hi Norma – I’m really no good at troubleshooting these things. It’s supposed to be easy, but there must be something blocking it. You could try a different browser or empty your cache, or maybe you have anti-virus software that’s barricading it. (?) I hope you work it out!

      btw, I can’t add you to the subscription. I think that’s to ensure that WP blogs aren’t used by spammers.


  2. I think including it in “Here Be Dragons” is a good idea, or… maaaaybe.. you could write some more short stories and then have a print edition of short stories?


    • LOL Ang – I find that people don’t buy collections of short stories, given my experience with BEGUILED. I suspect it’s a genre thing: a romance really needs a longer word count to be plausibly developed. You need to know the characters better to find their HEA compelling. 🙂


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