Series Product Pages

How cool is this? I now have series product pages at Amazon for my linked books! YAY!

The Bride Quest II

The Rogues of Ravensmuir

The Jewels of Kinfairlie

The True Love Brides

The Prometheus Project

The Coxwells


5 thoughts on “Series Product Pages

    • Yup, it is. I’ve emailed them.

      I had this issue at other portals too. When the series is partly from a publisher and partly indie, it seems to trip them up. It’ll get sorted out. 🙂

      They also won’t include the boxed sets on the series pages, and Abyss is missing from the Prometheus Project. Still, they’re awesome as they are, and will only get better!


  1. I was just thinking I’d like to see what series you have out there, what books I have and see if I can make sense of how I approach all you’ve written. This is simply marvelous.


    • It is wonderful, isn’t it, Eileen? They’ve had it in the works for a while. Other sites offer it, too (iBooks and Kobo, even Smashwords) but I’m very glad to have Amazon leap it. It will be easy for me to put a hotlink for the rest of the series in my digital books, for example, when we do the next front and back matter updates.

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