Our Survey Says…

As promised, here are the results from the short survey I set up this week. There were four questions, and I had over 300 replies. You didn’t all answer every question, but that’s okay – and some of you were good enough to leave comments on the last one.

Here are the results.

The first question was about which next series featuring the Pyr should be published next. As you can see, the results were pretty overwhelming in favor of the contemporary trilogy:

which series nextThe second question was about the order of publication, whether one series should be published in its entirety, then the second series, or whether I should alternate books from each series. Again, we have a definite skew:

publication orderThirdly, I asked about frequency of publication. You surprised me on this one: I expected the results to be overwhelmingly in favor of my publishing more books faster. Instead, results are more spread out, although more frequent publication is still the favored choice:

which series nextFinally, I asked about your buying habits, mostly because I’m curious how you shop. Some online portals insist that making books available for pre-order is key to success, while others are less encouraging. Pre-orders can be a bit more trouble to manage, so I wondered whether they were worth the effort. For 28% of you, they are, which is great to know.

buying patternsI’m not sharing the comments that many of you were gracious enough to share, although I really appreciate your taking the time to provide them. I didn’t want anyone to feel outed by making comments, but I’ve saved them all and am listening.

Thank you all so much for participating in the survey. The contemporary paranormal romance trilogy featuring my dragon shifters will be next! (And even more of you are going to think that way after you read Firestorm Forever, and get to know those Pyr in question a little bit better.)