A New Twist

Here’s something different we decided to do with our multi-author boxed set, Border Brotherhood – we’ve made it available in a print edition, too.

Border Brotherhood: Medieval Heroes of England and Scotland

It’s a trade paperback with all three books included – unabridged – so comes in just over 800 pages. The list price is $29.99 US, although Amazon has already discounted it a little this morning. The thing is that in trade paperback, most of our books come out more expensive: The Beauty Bride, my included title, is list priced at $14.99, for example, Kathryn’s Fragments of Grace is $13.99 in print, and Suzan’s Rowan’s Lady is $12.00. If you like to have print copies of your books, you save almost $11.00 buying the bundle.

This morning, the print edition is listed on Amazon, right here. You’ll see that when you buy the print edition first, you’ll get the Kindle edition for free. It’ll perk out to other online portals after the on sale date, so will only be available for pre-order at Amazon.

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