A New Regime

As many of you who read the blog regularly know, we lost the Queen Bee last December. She was a standard poodle, who was part of our family from the time she was a little pup. For more than 13 years, she ruled the roost in our house, and we miss her very much.

Recently, however, a new contender has taken the throne. Our new girl is a rescue who is partly trained, and she’s full of beans. I’d forgotten how much energy young dogs have! She’s fitting in very well, though, and ensuring that everyone sleeps well at night.

I’ve never had a rescue pet before, and certainly there’s a bit more mystery to the process of putting her at ease in her new home. We don’t really know everything she’s experienced. OTOH, she clearly sees that she has a good thing going and is particularly anxious to please. She is mischievoue—she gets clothing out of the laundry basket, particularly when someone leaves the house, and she does like to liberate my knitting yarn. I think in a month (or three) everything will settle down to a dull roar. I do like hearing the sound of little paws in the house again.

How about you? Do you have pets? Did you get them from the breeder, or from a shelter?

7 thoughts on “A New Regime

  1. I have done both, breeder and rescue. My dog now is a rescue & there is no doubt in my mind whoever gave her up was silly. You have never met a dog more willing to just sit and be with you. Not to mention the doggie kisses are always on offer.


  2. My cats chose us more than we picking them. One we found in our crawl space abandoned by her mom. We call her lucky. Our other cat some how ended up in the back seat of my locked car. I do not argue with cat destiny I figure who (people or animal) ever needs to be in my life will find a way to me.


  3. We’ve got 2 rescue mixes both small and yes they graciously share the house with us as long as we feed and clean up after them. We love them to distraction


  4. I’m pet free right now, never from a breeder usually a rescue usually from one of my children. When I retire I want another dog and he/she’ll be a rescue too


  5. I have beautiful big fat Blue Tortoiseshell cat called Jem. She’s a regular pet store bought cat, however I believe one of her parents was full Persian. She’s extremely fluffy and has the softest fur I’ve ever seen on a cat. Unfortunately Rescue Pets normally work out to be quiet expensive here in OZ. If I thought Jem would share the house I’d certainly get another cat. I don’t think she would share though!


  6. I love my pups! The oldest (schnauzer named Pearl) passed away in March. We had picked up a rescue dog last year to keep Pearl company. Sophia is the sweetest little schnauzer/scottie mix! After Pearl passed, we found 2 more scottie/schnauzer pups – 3 months old thor and Calypso – from a breeder. They are so active and rambunctious and make us laugh!


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