Serpent’s Kiss Print Edition

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeMany of you have been asking about the print edition of Serpent’s Kiss – and whether there will be one. There is, but I couldn’t set it up for pre-order. It was available from Createspace yesterday, and last night, it appeared on the Amazon site. Here’s the link for the print edition on Amazon – within a day or two, the digital and the print will be linked. It takes up to 72 hours for that to happen.

The information about the print book’s availability is perking through databases as we speak. It will appear on B&N and the Book Depository, but there’s no telling how long that will take. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open.

And yes, this is a trade paperback. It’s the same size as The Dragon Legion Collection in print. I know many of you like to line books up on the shelf (because I do, too) so I chose the size closest to that of The Dragon Diaries US trade paperback edition. I have the mass market Dragonfire books followed by The Dragon Legion Collection, followed by The Dragon Diaries on my shelf, and they look great together.

There is no physical distribution of this book – that means you won’t walk into your local bookstore or drug store and find a copy. You will have to order one online. Technically, any bookstore can order a copy for you, but in my experience, they don’t bother. On the upside, this is print on demand, which means that they’ll make a copy just for you when you do order it. You won’t get some copy that’s been fingered and read, has its corners turned and its cover scuffed.

This is the only way that I could finish the series, and given that, moving from mass market to trade isn’t that bad of a compromise.