Ten Reasons to Love the Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention

I’m home and still running with a nice thrum of energy from spending last weekend at the Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here’s my top ten list of why it was so great.

1. Readers
Wow. I’ve never gone to a readers’ con before, and now I’m wondering why. It was such fun talking to readers, as well as meeting people in person who I’ve known online for a while. Jennifer’s book club came to get their copies of Dragonfire signed. The book club from Michelle’s book store A Novel Idea made a road trip from Ocala to get their copies of Kiss of Fire signed. Mindy came to have her copy of The Rogue signed, as well as to get more books. It was fabulous to meet lots of excited readers and have my picture taken with many of them. I was having a great time before the booksigning, but after that, I was walking on air. (They need to figure out how to put that kind of energy in a jar.)

2. Books
I got books and bought books, although I wasn’t nearly organized enough to get them all signed at the book fair. 😦 The “bookstore” was in the corridor, which was a stroke of genius – every time I passed to go to another panel or whatever, a cover caught my eye. It was wonderful to sit down, talk to people about books (their own books or books they loved) then be able to step right out and pick up a copy.

3. Authors and Bloggers
It’s always good to see authors I know in person and to have a chance to catch up a bit. For example, I saw the fabulous Linnea Sinclair for the first time in ages, and even though she called me a crazy Canadian for wearing sandals in weather she found cold (come visit my world, Linnea. I’ll show you cold!), it was great to see her again. She also told me that she’s still using the prologue from Fallen in her writing workshop and suggested I should have it on my website. Now it is. (As if the fabulous quote she gave that book wasn’t enough. Thanks, Linnea!) I met so many authors I’d never met before – and bought a bunch of their books, too. Now I have to get reading!

4. New Perspectives on Old Skills
Amy Lane
taught me why knitting is the essential skill for surviving the zombie apocalypse. You can check out her list on her blog, right here.

5. The Beach
Seagulls, pelicans and crashing surf. I found and brought home a seashell. 🙂

6. No Snow
It rained, but really, after the winter we’ve had, I’m not that picky. I wore sandals, after all. I had curly hair for three days. No mittens. No hats, No coat. No chance of frostbite. No shoveling. It all worked for me.

7. Hoard Enhancement
Besides new books, I made a few other acquisitions in my travels. Some wonderful new dragon earrings, for example, more blank books (I can’t have too many), Sharpie markers in more colours (again, it’s impossible to have too many) plus even a research book for Thorolf’s story.

8. Alligators
Yes, I saw one, basking in the sun and not in a park or zoo. We did not, however, pursue an intimate acquaintance.

9. Panel Discussions
I had the chance to sit on multi-author panels and bounce around ideas about myths and fairy tales in urban fantasy and paranormal romance with Boone Brux, Lucienne Diver, Aria Kane and Amanda Carlson; compare notes on angelology, demonology (and even moral ambiguity) with Damon Suede, Rosalie Lario, Kait Ballenger, Lea Nolan and Ciara Knight; dragon shape shifter and other heroes with more with Kristin Painter, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Mari Mancusi; and also picked up some chitty chat about publishing. These casual panels were fun and interesting, but also led to more book purchases. (I like hearing authors talk about their books.)

10. Bloggers and Other New Contacts
I met people who do lots of great things for authors and readers and books, including virtual assistants, bloggers, reviewers, cover artists and more. I’m hoping to put some new ideas into action this year, and put those new connections to work. You’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Best of all, when I got home, Thorolf was still waiting in my office for the rest of his story to be told. 🙂

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  1. I love reader/writer conventions and the no snow part well that’s a no brainer for this winter 🙂
    One of these days I’ll make my wish come true when the stars all align and we’re in the same place at the same time Deb.


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