Cover for The Frost Maiden’s Kiss

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixShe enchanted him with a kiss—but winning her love would demand all he possessed.

Disheartened by the challenge of rebuilding his legacy of Ravensmuir, Malcolm left Scotland to earn his fortune as a mercenary. Four years later, scarred by the realities of war and haunted by his own deeds, he secretly returns with his fortune. Upon entered the familiar ruins, Malcolm hears music so beautiful that it pierces his heart. He has no choice but to follow its summons deep into the caverns beneath his inheritance, where he finds a damsel in distress, a maiden whose kiss rekindles all the nobility of purpose he believed he had lost forever.

Trapped in the realm of the Fae, Catriona knows that her freedom can only be gained by the love of a mortal man. Desperate to return to her family and the mortal realm, she welcomes Malcolm with a bold kiss—never guessing the Fae’s trick to exchange her freedom for his own. But Catriona sees too much of merit in this wounded warrior to abandon him to the Fae—no matter what the cost.

Read an excerpt from The Frost Maiden’s Kiss.

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  1. Such a beautiful cover Deb! But all your book covers are!
    Will you have Thorolf’s cover soon?? I can’t wait to see what it looks like!!


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