Bad News & Good News

I thought you were all past due for an update from me, so here it is.

The “bad news” isn’t really that bad – and is far outshone by the good news. I’m sick. That’s it. I caught the flu bug that’s making the rounds, and have to take it easy for a few days. On the downside, this means that I’m not en route to the Novelists’ Ink conference which starts tonight in Myrtle Beach. I was really looking forward to the conference, to seeing some friends and learning a great deal, but there was no way I could face airline travel today. (And really, it’s better for everyone that I couldn’t. This bug has been shared sufficiently already.)

On the other hand, there’s an abundance of good news. First off, I have a job that I can still do when I’m sick 🙂 so I’ve been working away on those edits. It’s a great thing to have the opportunity to re-edit and revise all three Prometheus Project urban fantasy romances, even if I feel as if I’ve been lost in the netherzones of the Republic these past weeks. Fallen is available in its new edition, as you already know, and Guardian has gone to the formatter. Guardian should be available next week in its new digital edition. Rebel is next and I’m hoping it will be a quicker edit, then I’m expecting Abyss back from my editor this weekend. So, Rebel should be available by the end of the month (fingers crossed!) while I’m hoping that Abyss will be released in November. It’ll depend on those edits – I’ll be able to tell you more next week, after I’ve had a look at my editor’s comments. It’ll be exciting to have all of this series back out in the world again in those shiny new editions.

In other good news, All or Nothing is doing really well this week. This morning, it’s #42 overall paid in the Kindle store, as well as #1 in three categories – Romantic Comedy, Holiday Romance and Knitting Books. Its sales rank is #11 at B&N, which is pretty amazing, too. Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy at the sale price!

The Rogues of Ravensmuir Boxed Set is hanging on the lists at Amazon, too – it’s still at #17 or #18 on three of the historical romance lists (Scottish, Medieval and Medieval Historical Romance), which is fantastic. Just above it on those same lists is our multi-author boxed set, Five Unforgettable Knights, coming in #11, #12 and #13.

So, there’s your update. As usual when I’m up to my eyes in editing and other jobs, the story gremlins get busy. I have notes all over my desk for stories, so today, I’m going to treat myself to some writing time. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about an online course that has me intrigued.

7 thoughts on “Bad News & Good News

  1. Hope you get better soon Deborah. Seems like the only years I’ve gotten the flu are the years someone made me take a flu shot!


    • LOL DJ – that’s why I’ve never gotten one! This bug seems to have a 3 – 4 day pattern, so I’ll probably be fine by the weekend. I think I caught it because I’ve been pushing too hard the last couple of months, so it’s forcing me to take it easy for a few days. That’s not such a bad thing. 🙂


  2. I’m glad to have an excuse to pick up Fallen and Guardian on Kindle. I loaned my paperbacks to a friend who loaned them to a friend and now they’re in another state, never to be seen again (by me)! 🙂 (I was impatient when Rebel came out, which for me means I buy the Kindle version!) Can’t wait for Abyss!


    • Thanks Kim!

      Because Fallen is enrolled in KDP Select, it will be free for five days. I’m going to wait until all the other books are published before booking the free days, but will announce them here. 🙂


    • Ooops! Fallen is being removed from KDP Select – more details on that Thursday – so there won’t be five free days.


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