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It’s been quiet here this week, because I’ve been lost in the realm of the Republic – or maybe, its netherzones. I’ve been working on the new editions of the Prometheus Project trilogy. This is a wonderful opportunity to go through the books again. Most ongoing series end up with a few continuity errors—because the books are written and published incrementally, not all at once—so it’s fabulous to have a chance to tweak the book files.

Fallen, an urban fantasy romance by Claire DelacroixFallen, first in the series, is also an interesting book, because I wrote it several times and there were major changes between each version. The first version was very different from what was originally published: the idea was that an historian was trying to document the events in the book, several years after the fact. For various reasons, the only source document available to the historian was Lilia’s diary, presenting her version of events. The historian believed that Lilia was an unreliable narrator (good observation there) and had annotated her diary with footnotes, as well as splicing in newspaper articles and other documents to make her references more clear. The book was written in first person, because it came from that diary.

There were a lot of changes to the story and the book’s structure on the way to publication, including the change to third person POV. The historian disappeared, along with her annotations and footnotes, the story ended differently, and it was structured differently. One major addition was my favorite in the whole book, the opening scene in Montgomery’s POV, which only became possible because of the shift to third person POV. We know a lot more about Montgomery and fallen angels in the final version of the story, but less about Lilia and her opinions.

The point here is that I have a lot of extra content associated with this story that has never been published before. I’d thought of preparing it as a companion volume, but it only exists for Fallen, not for the other books in the series. (And quadrupling the content isn’t a job I want right now.) So, I’m going to include some of it as bonus content in the new edition of Fallen—my question to you is how much bonus content do you prefer? Lots? A little? None? Should bonus content about a world be unequivocably true? Or can it be biased, thus showing as much about the character writing it as the world? I’m thinking that articles are more interesting than chronologies of events, but maybe you have a different view.

Tell me what you think. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bonus Content?

  1. Deb, I am so looking forward to reading this trilogy! And as for bonus content, it really depends for me on how much I enjoy the book. If it really grabs me, I can’t get enough bonus material. But another way around not including lots of bonus material with books, is perhaps you could set up a place on your blog as “Extra’s” and add bonus content/deleted scenes and the like for your readers.


  2. Hi Deb, I’ve been having some trouble posting via Google so I’m switching to Safari and it seems to be doing better.
    As you know I loved your urban fantasy/romance series starring your fallen angels and I’m so happy that you’ll be featuring Tupperman in his own story.

    I for one am a glutton for bonus content there’s never such a thing as too much info for me and especially if there’s something new and extra that the author wants to either remind us of or add to.

    Thanks Deb
    I’m happy to be posting


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