Digitally Publishing at Kobo

Well, it turns out that I miss talking to all of you each week, and that compiling these posts does help me sort out my thoughts. So, I’m back! And I hope you’re back, too. 🙂 You get two Wild West Thursday posts this week, just because I’m catching up.

Today, I wanted to tell you about a visit from Mark LeFebvre, Director of Author Relations at Kobo Writing Life, to our local group of readers and authors. If you ever have a chance to hear Mark speak, you should go. He’s a good speaker, providing that perfect combo of content and humour. He taught a workshop about digitally publishing your book. He gave some tips for indie authors, then did a demonstration of publishing to Kobo. He also talked briefly about some upcoming changes to the KWL dashboard, which were interesting to those of us who have already digitally published to Kobo.

I was going to summarize his tips in a blog post, because they were good ones, but it turns out Mark did it already. His blog post, including his five tips for indie authors and a shot of Barnaby, is right here.

And that, I think, was the easiest blog post I ever composed…

I have a longer post queued up for tomorrow about BEA.

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