Updated Publication Schedule

As those of you who follow my blog know, I had a lot of stuff going on this winter. As well as being ambitious in my scheduling, we’ve had some interruptions from real life which have kept me from writing as much as usual. As a result, I’m running about 6 weeks behind schedule.

I saw my editor this past weekend and we talked about my schedule. She wasn’t afraid to give me The Look and suggest we talk about “realistic publishing schedules”. Ahem. So, I’ve dutifully faced some facts this week and here’s an update on my publication schedule.

The Highlander's Curse by NYT Bestselling author Claire Delacroix, #2 in her True Love Brides series of medieval romances.

The Highlander’s Curse will be a June release.

Kiss of Destiny, a Dragon Legion Novella by Deborah Cooke

Kiss of Destiny will be a June release.

The Dragon Legion Collection will also be a June release.

And my goal going forward will be to ensure that when I give you a publication date, I make it. (No more renovations, ice storms, reformatting and re-uploading, illness or death allowed, okay?)

6 thoughts on “Updated Publication Schedule

  1. i’ve read all the ‘rogues’ and the ‘jewels’ and i’m so excited for the highlander’s curse! can’t wait!!!!!!


  2. I have read all the jewels of Kinfairlie and The Renegade’s heart. Can we at least have another excerpt? I am anxiously awaiting The Highlander’s Curse. June cannot come quick enough.


    • Hmm. You’re right, Melissa. Maybe I’ll post one for newsletter subscribers in May. (which is a subtle way of asking if you’ve signed up yet!)


  3. I have read all your books from the Jewels series including Rosmundes story…I am greatly saddened to learn that The Highlanders Curse is once again delayed till June! I was so looking forward to reading It.


    • Thanks Cynthia!

      I want to be sure my books live up to readers’ expectations, and am also learning more about the process of publishing my books this way. The Highlander’s Curse will be available when I know it’s right (then you’ll love it too!) and it’s getting close. In future, I won’t be giving you firm dates until the book is in the hands of the formatter. I’m working out the kinks in my process, so thank you for your patience!


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