New Cover for ABYSS

Last but not least, here’s the new cover for Tupperman’s book. This is a new work, set in the dystopian world of the Republic, which will be published in October 2013.

Abyss, an urban fantasy romance by Claire Delacroix

You can read an excerpt from this upcoming release on my website, right here.

2 thoughts on “New Cover for ABYSS

  1. OMG Deb, I can’t wait to fall into the “Abyss” 🙂
    Great cover and Tupperman so needs his story told I can’t tell you how much I love this world you created for the Fallen Angel series they speak to me almost as loudly as the PYR do.


    • Thansk Debbie – I think the new covers are just awesome. Kim outdid herself (again). I hope you enjoy Tupperman’s story and think it worth the wait!


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