Update on Tupperman

As many of you know, I was planning to publish Tupperman’s story last fall. For those of you who don’t know, this is a novella that grew into a shorter book telling the story of one of the continuing characters in my Prometheus Project who never got his happy ending. When I wrote the series initially, I didn’t know the end of Tupperman’s story so he had to wait for inspiration to strike.

I hit a snag last fall with the publication of this story – actually, there were several snags. First, it became much longer than I’d anticipated, essentially doubling in length. Secondly, writing more meant that the writing took longer, which pushed my schedule off. Thirdly, the beta reader asked a couple of really good questions, which I couldn’t immediately answer. I explained all of this to you last fall when I confessed that the story wouldn’t be published in 2012.

All of those are reasons enough, but there was another big one. I received a royalty statement from TOR for the three Prometheus Project books and discovered – to my amazement – that the conditions under which I could request a reversion of rights had been met. Because this book contract – like so many others – bases the possibility of reversion on the number of units of each book sold, I held off on publishing Tupperman’s story. Publishing a sequel might increase sales of the first books, which could ensure that they didn’t revert to me. And really, I’d much rather have the rights to my books back in my own hands.

FALLEN, GUARDIAN and REBEL have now reverted to me. This is such a good thing. It means that I can republish the books myself. It means that I can correct a couple of continuity errors that were missed and generally give the books one more editorial scrub.

The only sad thing is that I don’t have the right to use the covers that TOR commissioned from Larry Rostant. I love those covers but I’ll have to get new ones done. There’s a ton of prep work to be done for this republication, and also it would be wise to leave a little gap of time for TOR to get their digital editions down from all the portals. I want to publish Tupperman’s story at the same time as the new editions of the three books. I’m also changing Tupperman’s cover – so it will match the new trio of covers – and changing the title of his story.

I’ll update you as more details are resolved. Look for the whole suite of them – a company of angels! – in fall 2013.

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