Updating Files

I’m getting to the end of what’s proven to be a long process. I’ve had all of my book files professionally formatted, and ended up using two formatters to get through them all more quickly. As I write this, it’s Tuesday and we’re in the midst of the time travels and the second Bride Quest. I’m hoping to have all the new versions uploaded by the weekend.

I’ve also gone direct with these new editions, uploading to Amazon, Apple, All Romance eBooks, B&N and KOBO. When all the files are done, I’ll do an FTP transfer to Overdrive to update their editions. It’ll probably take them a few weeks to do that, so everything should be updated everywhere by early March. Phew! It’s been a lot of clicking and waiting, since all of these portals have their idiosyncrasies, but I’m glad it’s done (or close to it.) I also need to update the buy links on my websites – one of KOBO’s quirks is that they assign a new url to the book whenever there’s an update. When the books go direct to Apple, their links change, too. Right now, we’re a bit bogged down at Apple and there may be duplicate editions for a few days as the transition proceeds, but progress is being made.

The professionally formatted editions look pretty, and I’m hoping that they load more efficiently onto your e-readers, especially the boxed sets. If you purchased any of my books earlier, you should be able to get the newest edition from the vendor.

If you posted reviews or ratings for my books at Apple, they will disappear as we transition from the Smashwords-supplied versions to those uploaded directly. You can tell the difference between them by the publisher name – the new ones are published by Deborah A. Cooke, not Smashwords. I’d really appreciate if you had a moment to repost your reviews or ratings on the new editions.

And now, we can move on to new challenges!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope you have something special planned with your sweetie. 🙂

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