Happy Thanksgiving!

Many good wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to all of you south of the border. Here’s hoping that those of you who are on the road travel safely – and once you arrive, have a wonderful day with your friends and family!

I’m thankful to know all of you and so let’s have a contest this weekend.

Here’s my question for you – what do dragons eat for Thanksgiving dinner? Does turkey dinner make them feel grateful? Or do they prefer something with a little more meat on it? Maybe something flash-broiled?

I’ll give away a signed print copy of EMBER’S KISS to the most interesting reply. Be creative! The winner will be chosen on Monday.

Good luck, everyone!

btw, for those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, I haven’t sent out my planned mid-month issue yet. It turns out that the new portal offers so many options that I’m a bit overwhelmed by it. I’m going to give it another go this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I think it’s rather like the holidays I used to have at college; each person brought a family favorite from their own culture. They were some of the best Thanksgivings I can recall (home made Filipino Eggrolls, German Rivvles, Thai noodles… yum!) With the dragons being of different (and very old) cultures, I imagine the menu is pretty darn rich in very old traditional dishes.


  2. Dragons being Dragons and of a pretty old world culture they would have the turkey of course but probably some other meat as well like ham,venision.. if there anything like the people around here hello deer season…lol…lamb or mutton and of course if they live in the usa theres the traditional spread but probably supplemented with other food from older cultures


  3. Char-broiled beef, the whole cow right off the hoof, just a patty wouldn’t even signify as a taste to a dragon, and they don’t even bother with the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, or the sesame-seed bun. Just swoop in breathing fire to sear the meat quicky and gobble it all down in one bite.


  4. If dragons celebrate Thanksgiving they would need a much bigger bird like an Ostrich. Might be a little tough but hey they’re dragons they can handle it!


  5. being Welsh we dont celebrate thinksgiving, but i do have an amazing dragon on my national flag, so perhaps thed like to have Saint Davids pie, but on a grander scale its like a lamb casserole with layer vegetables. they probably have a whole sheep, but its very tasty because it also haves lots of leeks in there too


  6. Dragons are inventive & creative. For a celebration they wouldn’t have their typical fare of wild game and easy dinners. They would either organize a hunt for an elusive large mountain bird or depending on their location. The dragons would search the sea for a large serpent to quick grill for a celebration


    • So many great answers! Thanks everyone for entering.

      Our winner is Lisa w. Congrats Lisa! Please check your email for a message from me.

      I’m going to close this post for comments now. 🙂


  7. Let’s assume we are talking about a dragon shifter. I would say first he would find the biggest turkey. And bring it home to feed his woman and children. Than to give thanks for the live of his woman. He would go find the “turkey” that caused her the most problems in her life ( let’s face it we all I have a turkey in our lives) and he would make sure he pays for causing her so much grief. Be it a chase or maybe flash frying said “turkey”. Then he would go home and enjoy the turkey his woman cooked with all the fixings.


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