EMBER’S KISS Blog Tour Contest Winners

Well. Tropical Storm Sandy has made a mess of Manhattan, and I hope that everyone was sufficiently prepared that they are still okay. I did hear that my VA Carla had her house flooded last night. She was okay at that point, but obviously quite upset. Any good vibes you can send her way would be greatly appreciated.

In terms of logistics, I emailed with Carla yesterday and she had just received the info on the last winner for the prize books that Penguin planned to send out to winners. She was going to send it to Penguin today. Even if she sent it last night, I’m sure Penguin’s offices will closed for a while. I want the winners to get their books, so here’s how you can help.

If you are a blogger who hosted one of the stops on my blog tour and the prize book was coming from Penguin (those were the US-and-Canada-only contests), please send email the winner’s mailing information. I’ll send the books out from here, and get Penguin to ship me some more to make up the difference.

You can email that info to chestwick@sympatico.ca

Thanks for your help. Let’s send out many good thoughts and prayers to everyone in the disaster zone.