The Dragon Diaries

I’ve had a lot of email from readers lately about The Dragon Diaries, specifically asking what’s next for Zoë and the guys now that BLAZING THE TRAIL has been published.

The Dragon Diaries was always intended to be a trilogy, featuring Zoë and her coming of age as the new Wyvern of the Pyr. So, with the publication of book #3, The Dragon Diaries is complete.

Cover for WINGING IT, YA #2

There does remain, however, the question of the guys (Liam, Garrett and Nick) and their stories, as well as the entwined stories of Meagan, Jared, Isabelle. There’s also the question of the stories of the other shifters, Derek, Kohana and Jessica. Phew! I like how the series ended (no spoilers here) with lots of questions about the future of the various surviving shifters and their new alliance.

There are no additional books featuring these characters scheduled or contracted at this time. Part of the reason for that is that I can’t see them as young adult novels. The dragon guys are going to make key decisions about their lives and face big challenges during their firestorms, which means that their books will be paranormal romances. It seems reasonable that similar challenges will be faced at the same time by the other shifters and the humans, too. I’m thinking of leaving them all to grow up a bit – both in their timeline and in ours – then revisiting them as they join forces for another big quest. Tentatively, I’m calling this series Dragonfire II, but the first thing on my agenda is finishing Dragonfire I. That’s my plan for 2013, then I’ll get back to Zoë and her pals again.

So, stay tuned!

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