The New Plan

If you haven’t already grabbed your free copy of DOUBLE TROUBLE, you may have noticed that it has disappeared this morning from portals other than Amazon Kindle. This morning, I enrolled it in KDP Select and it will be free on Amazon next week, July 24 to July 28.

Why did I do this? Well, there was a moment of opportunity to try a different marketing tactic. I’ve had some luck with KDP Select in the past, but better luck with going free everywhere as a promotional technique. The issue here is that I use Smashwords to distribute to Apple and B&N, and the Coxwell books are stalled in the book approval process there. It could easily be another week before they are approved for premium distribution, then another 3 – 4 weeks before they would be available at Apple and B&N. It doesn’t appear that Amazon will match the free price at KOBO alone, so my choices here are waiting a month (at least) to promote this series or going to KDP Select now.

I think the Coxwells are good summer reads, and that tipped the balance. Summer will be over if I wait for Smashwords.

Why did I use DOUBLE TROUBLE as the promotional title instead of the first book in the series, THIRD TIME LUCKY? Well, the books all stand alone and you don’t have to read them in order. Plus, DT has better reviews overall. I thought it would make a good ambassador for the Coxwell clan.

btw, I dropped the price on the books to $4.99 each everywhere.

We’ll see how it all shakes out. The interesting thing about these particular times in publishing is that you never really know. Experimentation is the key!