Summer Heat

Once again, it’s hot and humid in southern Ontario. Ugh. This is really the only kind of weather that I don’t much like. I’d rather (shhh) that  it was cold outside than hot and sticky.

You might think that’s because Ye Olde House doesn’t have air conditioning. It doesn’t, but it doesn’t because I’d rather have the windows open and the breezes blowing through the house, even when it’s hot. I don’t like the sound of air conditioners any more than I like sticky heat.

The big issue is that my brain doesn’t work well in the heat. I’m bred for the Canadian winters, evidently! This week, I’m doing edits for THE RENEGADE’S HEART and, because of the heat, they’re taking nine times as long as they should. Ugh and ugh. It’s not as if edits are a joy any writer wants to prolong! The weather people keep forecasting thunderstorms, but always “tomorrow”. I’ll be done before it rains, that’s for sure.

(Yes, we are days away from THE RENEGADE’S HEART being published. Did you miss that detail? It’s close enough to taste!)

So, how about you? Do you like the heat? Do you mind if it’s humid? Or would you rather be watching the snow fall outside your windows?


3 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. I HATE the heat too Deb, I was also bred for Canadian winters so how I ended up in the midwest of the US is a mystery 🙂
    I would absolutely melt if I didn’t have the A/C cranked up because there are no breezes when it’s 97º like it will be today on the first day of Summer. Oh and since the winter was milder than usual the bugs are prehistoric sized, they would probably be front and center in your apocalyptic fantasy altered by some sort of chemical or something.
    Renegade’s Heart YAY!!!

    Deb 🙂


  2. I don’t mind a dry heat at all, but anything above 85 deg (f) along with 60 or 70% humidity (or more) and I am not very happy.Cold and damp is harsh too. When I lived in California about 20 minutes from Sacramento the unrelenting weeks and weeks of 60 degree wet and muddy weather (with the occasional icy breeze) was yucky. No central heating where I lived, too.
    I love spring and fall in Michigan, and don’t mind most of the other months. only about 6 weeks total of the year do we have uncomfortable weather for me. Usually sometime in August and again in late January/early february.


    • Yes and yes, Diana and Deb. It’s the humidity really that finishes me. Word is that the boomers are coming tomorrow, which is when the temps will break. I can’t wait. The other day, we took a road trip for knitting needles, simply because the car has A/C. Funny, but I also bought some yarn! (It is 102F here, Deb, with the humidex. Ugh.)

      In the meantime, my edits on TRH are done. It’s on to formatting and other grunt work that is more readily done in the heat (at least for me).



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