The Artist’s Way

I’ve been thinking for a while that I was due for another twelve-week journey through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and this weekend, after a writers’ meeting, I pulled out the book and started. I’ve been doing my morning pages even since the last time I worked through the exercises, but lately had started to do my artist dates as well. This is kind of interesting, since I have always found them difficult to plan. I decided that my subconscious was nudging me onward.

The first time that I did TAW, I was blocked creatively and having a hard time putting anything on the page. The exercises opened the flow of my creativity again and made me a believer in Julia Cameron’s process. Since then, I’ve repeated the exercises at regular intervals, often when I feel some stress about my work or have a case of the winter blues. I’ve gotten used to using TAW as a kind of supervitamin for creativity – it’s always recharged me and given me new optimism and energy. This time is quite different – I’m feeling very optimistic both personally and professionally, so am curious to see what difference this attitude makes in my results.

This time, I’m following the exercises in her book FINDING WATER, which (I think) is the third in the series. Its focus is sustaining yourself as an artist for the long term. I’ve never worked through this one and am quite looking forward to it.

And so we begin week #1…feel free to join me, if you’d like!